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Auto Book v1.2 - Download & Licensing

Please consider making a donation or buying a license in the Auto Book Shop!


No payment is required to download and use Auto Book. The free version shows a 7s delay window when adding extracted data to a database.

Download Auto Book ZIP-Archive

To run Auto Book, just unzip the archive and double-click autobook.exe. No installation is required.


You don't need a license to run Auto Book, but if you like my application, please consider either buying a license or making a donation to support the development of new features.

My plans include proper network/cloud-folder support, an invoicing module, Excel-like simple math operations in the Auto Book Dataviewer, and, if there is sufficient demand, a messaging system that would allow sending, confirming and synchronizing the status of orders between clients and providers, similar to typical cloud-systems, but leaving the user in complete control of the whole system.

I hate subscriptions as much as anyone – a single-user lifetime license for Auto Book is just USD 19 and can be acquired through the Auto Book Shop. I will email you your license within 24h of payment.

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