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Auto Book v1.6 - Download & Licensing

Please consider making a donation or buying a license in the Auto Book Shop!


The provided package includes the legacy data extraction functionality, enhanced with the ability to use OpenAI's APIs to find data, the brand-new Clip Manager that interconnects your clipboard with an infinite text repository and a flexible, powerful search function, a hotstrings tool, a calculator, and a file/folder lister - all in a single executable. These additional features aren't yet documented as of now, but some users may be able to figure out how they work. No license is currently required to use these new features.


No payment is required to download and use Auto Book. The free version shows a 7s delay window when adding extracted data to a database.

Download Auto Book ZIP-Archive

To run Auto Book, just unzip the archive and double-click autobook.exe. No installation is required.


You don't need a license to run Auto Book, but if you like my application, please consider either buying a license or making a donation to support the development of new features.

My plans include proper network/cloud-folder support, an invoicing module, Excel-like simple math operations in the Auto Book Dataviewer, and, if there is sufficient demand, a messaging system that would allow sending, confirming and synchronizing the status of orders between clients and providers, similar to typical cloud-systems, but leaving the user in complete control of the whole system.

I hate subscriptions as much as anyone – a single-user lifetime license for Auto Book is just USD 19 and can be acquired through the Auto Book Shop. I will email you your license within 24h of payment.

The Developer

My name is Ulrich Leininger and I'm the developer behind Auto Book. I was born in Germany, spent a decade in China and a few years ago settled in Saigon, Vietnam, where I run my company Logitope LLC.

I decided to create Auto Book to remedy an intolerable situation: some of my best clients are using email to send me purchase orders, and each time I received one, I had to manually copy and paste the various data into my accounting system. This simple but annoyingly mindless task often caused me to procrastinate, and in the end, I had to spend more time sifting through old emails when I finally got around to gathering the data. Auto Book solves this problem by capturing data with just a hotkey: I save time previously spent on copy-paste operations, there is no longer a reason to procrastinate, and the risk of errors is also reduced because the human factor is eliminated from the equation.

Another motivation for creating Auto Book was to offer an alternative to cloud-based systems that, in my experience, actually complicate the process of creating and receiving purchase orders and jobs rather than making it more efficient. It's especially annoying when each client uses a different system and you have to gather data from multiple cloud services at the end of the month.

That's probably not really a surprise coming from the developer, but I am convinced that the concept of Auto Book is superior to cloud solutions and that a lot of people could benefit and save time. It just makes more sense to use email and capture data automatically instead of letting cloud-based middlemen get involved in a really simple process.

I hope you find Auto Book useful and enjoyable. If there is sufficient interest, I would love to continue its development. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas for improvements or additional features in the forum or by email ( I am always happy to hear from users.

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